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eargasmic ink publishing


Eargasmic Ink is a self-publishing company. Below are the books that have been released. Among the list of products, the popular Poetik Penetration which was released in July 2012. The award winning book, An Anthology of Sisterhood with foreword by the legendary Ruby Dee, was released in January 2013. Recent books include Proud to be a PK (2019), our first children's book and black@lanta (2020), a coffee table keepsake. In 2023, we have added "Porcupine Kisses and Elephant Hugs" and "Graduate, Vacate, Be Great".



Poetik Penetration 



A collection of poems dedicated to casualties of lost encounters and relationships. This erotic work explores failed attempts at love and the possibilities of finding love in all the wrong spaces. 

An Anthology of Sisterhood



A collection of more than 100 original poems, essays, short stories and lyrics commissioned from twenty-two women who are joined in sisterhood through their membership in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. This organization promotes scholarship, service, and sisterhood which connects these women with a unique and inseparable bond. Each chapter of the book highlights a different author and allows her to share her voice and unique experience of sisterhood. Topics include positive relationships among women, spirituality, friendship, sorority life, sibling rivalry, and gender equity. The roster of contributors represents ten states and includes educators, health professionals, politicians, business owners, artists, and writers. They are leaders in their community and within their organization. A portion of the proceeds from your purchase goes towards the Ruby Dee Legacy of Sisterhood Scholarship.


 Proud to Be a P.K.



Join Joshua and his family as they prepare for a typical Sunday church service. Francene Breakfield’s rhythmic rhyme expresses the loving relationship between a pastor and his child. With beautiful illustrations by Starvos Pierce, the character’s excitement about his weekly adventure unfolds before your eyes.



Atlanta, the Black Mecca, is a major city in the United States

for its historical connection to the Civil Rights Movement and Southern Hospitality. Birthplace to legendary music artists, political activists, and trailblazing businessmen and women, this is a place where many African Americans call home. 


black@lanta is a poetic work that allows the reader to see Atlanta from a bronze lens perspective. Poet and photographer, Francene Breakfield shares her memories of growing up Black in Atlanta. This coffee table keepsake is a beautiful photographic collection of spaces and places that are close to her heart. Colorful images paired with rhythmic verse express how her experience has made her a true black atlantan.

black@lanta ft cover 1.jpg

Porcupine Kisses and Elephant Hugs




This book was written in 2014. However, it needed an illustrator to make this story come alive. In 2023, while at home recovering from an illness the author discovered that authors were using Canva to illustrate books. Thankful for this tool. This book is for beginning readers. 

Enjoy this exploration of how animals communicate and show affection. Find out who gives the best hugs and kisses. 

Graduate, Vacate, Be Great!


This book is a love letter to all those high school/college graduates who are still undecided about life. They may have left home and returned, afraid to take the next steps. This book will hopefully motivate them to forge ahead and embrace their independence. The original title was "Get Yo' A$$ Off My Couch!" but the author wanted to remain politically correct. This book was illustrated using Midjourney AI.

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